Jenkins, don’t break my builds: a story about continuous integration

It was 1999 when the “Extreme Programming” scholars decided to coin the term “continuous integration” (CI) to refer to the process in which a software product was being continously and automatically compiled, based on the last snapshot of its codebase, without waiting for someone to decide it was the right time to do so.

Today, over 14 years later, most of the code we write requires no compilation, yet the use of modern CI tools is even more popular than when the concept was conceived, as it allows us to work more rapidly and efficiently, and also help us identify problems in our code as soon as they are introduced into the codebase.

In this session I will talk about continuous integration and how it is being utilized at InvGate for our PHP projects (and other things), using Jenkins as the foundation for the process.

You will be interested in this talk if:

  • You are a developer or sysadmin, and you have never worked with continuous integration. I will tell you then what you are missing and how you can get started, both for ongoing projects, or projects you have not yet started..
  • You already know what it is but you can’t still wrap your head around it. I will tell you about my experience using a CI toolbase that simplified the life of everyone in the company: from marketing to customer support; from IT to operations.
  • You use continuous integration on a day to day basis. I will tell you how we use Jenkins to continuously build releases, and also for some unorthodox applications.
  • Martin Fowler calls you whenever a build of his fails. Then come join us and tell us all about it 🙂